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Our Approach and Values

At KABAK, we aim to facilitate sustainable living. Our responsible production model strives to minimize its impact on the environment first and then seek to compensate for that impact to the maximum extent. This goal has been with us since the inception of KABAK. 

How do we achieve it?
We offer eco-design, providing a (more rational) alternative to fast fashion products
We provide knowledge to those who want to make their lifestyle more sustainable
We support other entities working in the field of planet protection

We support important initiatives of our friends


Avalon Foundation

The unique SOCKS OFF SEKS ON socks were created from the combination of the Avalon Foundation's mission and KABAK's craftsmanship. They carry a significant purpose of giving a voice to people with disabilities whose physicality and sexuality are socially excluded.


Viva Foundation

Viva Foundation, dedicated to charitable and educational activities for the care and assistance of homeless, abandoned, or cruelly treated animals, is our long-standing partner for whom we have the pleasure of producing brick-shaped gadgets.


Ocalenie Foundation

For the Ocalenie Foundation, we create brick-shaped socks, which are the result of joint design workshops conducted with the participation of children under the care of the Foundation.


Ekostraż Association

For Ekostraż, we have the pleasure of making brick-shaped socks, which aim to support the organization in achieving its statutory goal of helping domestic, wild, and free-living animals.

KABAK stories

Discover the world of colourful accessories

Do you value the highest quality products? Are you looking for outstanding design and responsible materials? Would you like to support brands that manufacture locally? Looks like we’re going to like each other! At KABAK we match colours, funny patterns and care about the details. Cool socks, beanies, scarves, belts, blankets, towels, graphics, pins and candles - all of them are waiting for you in our online store! Our products are not just colourful and funny. Whether you want to bring some fun into your closet or you stick to the classic solutions - you’ll always find something for you and your loved ones. 

All KABAK products are made in Poland. We can control the local production and make sure it remains on the highest quality level - we use certified combed cotton and dyes that won’t irritate even the sensitive skin. Choosing KABAK is choosing safely. Try it and find out yourself! KABAK socks are comfortable and soft and will be great also for those more formal events. 

Much more than the colourful accessories

Bring some fun and colour into your winter outfits! Our beanies and scarves will keep you warm even on the coldest days.

We haven't forgotten about colorful socks that you can wear for special occasions or every day. Our Polish socks are incredibly comfortable, and thanks to the reinforced polyamide, they will accompany you for a long time.

Enforcing the heel and toe parts, they will stay durable and last longer than until the first wash. Refresh your outfit and bring some colours with the woven belts. They are elastic and remarkably durable. All of that because of the nylon weave technique which they have been made with!

The KABAK pins are not just cute. They’re a subtle accessory that will be a great addition to your simple outfit. Perfect with your jacket, backpack or purse. Check our offer and find your favourite one!

KABAK - a little bit more than the socks

You’ll find so much more than just socks, lingerie and accessories. Discover our charming home collection and decorate your place with KABAK! If you want to add some colour and refresh your living room - get one of our blankets.

The 100% certified combed cotton blankets are remarkably soft. Cute and functional, perfect for the evenings on the sofa or your favourite armchair by the fireplace. For those who look forward to relaxing after a long day at work, we recommend our candles. Available in a few different fragrances, all-natural and made of soy wax which makes them completely vegan! Choose your favourite one and enjoy its calming aroma. Our candles might be great during the longer bath, same as one of our towels - colourful and fluffy. Sounds nice? Decorate your walls with a graphic - hypnotizing with their beauty, colours and unusual ideas. Ready for more? Don’t wait and contact us to find out more about our socks, scarves, beanies, blankets, graphics and other products! Our KABAK team will be thrilled to tell you about our products and help you find your favourite ones!