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  • Belts

    A practical, comfortable and fashionable accessory that all of us need? The answer is simple! KABAK woven belts are essential in the wardrobes of those who value timeless accessories that work with different, casual, and more elegant outfits. With the thought of minimalists and vivid color lovers, we created the woven belts collection in classic, toned shades and a bit crazier ones too. KABAK woven belts are very fashionable and also durable, as we made them of high-quality materials, so they can serve you for many years. As KABAK belts add a fresh look to every outfit, they are perfect for summer shorts or warmer sweaters. 

    KABAK woven belts – a combination of comfort, fashion, and durability

    We made our colorful, durable, and elastic belts with 90% high-quality nylon material. Thanks to their flexible fibers, you can be sure that KABAK woven belts will stay with you longer than a few seasons. In a standard form, the belts are 110 centimeters long, and after stretching the length reaches up to 130 centimeters. As there are no holes in the belt, you can decide where to fasten the strap, and after removing the pin there will be no trace left. The belt has a buckle made of a non-allergenic metal mix.

  • Hats

    Men's and women's hats from KABAK

    Hats are typically practical in colder seasons, where the hat helps to prevent our heads from frost. But! Apart from their practical aspects, there is another important feature - they can be very fashionable. KABAK hats can be an original accessory that brings uniqueness and freshness to your outfit! 

    That is why at KABAK, we offer hats in various bold colors. Timeless male and female models are perfect for adding color to the harsh reality of the fall and winter seasons. 

    Colorful hats for every season

    When designing our colorful hats, we tried our very best to create models that would be universal and also original. KABAK hats are an accessory for women and men, regardless of age. The variety of colors we have on our offer makes them even more suitable for everyone, and without a doubt, you can easily find the right one for yourself. 

    They will be most useful in the autumn and winter seasons, but KABAK hats work as year-round accessories too. Our hats will serve you in all different kinds of conditions: during the city walk, in the mountains, by the seaside or forest, and any other place where you will be spending your time enjoying the fresh air. 

    KABAK colorful hats are made of the highest quality cotton, which insulates well against low temperatures, provides warmth, and are pleasant and soft to the touch. Our hats have a folded part that isn't permanently sewn. That makes it easy to rearrange. Lengthen or shorten your beanie, so it will fit perfectly on your head.

    How to wash KABAK hats?

    KABAK hats for men and women can be washed in the washing machine. Make sure water does not exceed the temperature of 30 degrees. Otherwise, cleaning may cause minor pilling and static electricity. We advise all customers to wash their hats by hand. It shouldn't take too long, and it will keep the KABAK products looking new for a long time.

  • Skarpetki

    At KABAK you will certainly find a variety of original and funny socks for yourself and your loved ones. Since 2013, we've gained some socks-knowledge and experience that let us meet our customer's needs and bring some colors into their wardrobes :) There are many patterns and colors in our offer, so you will easily find socks that will catch your eye! 

    KABAK colorful and funny socks

    When designing KABAK socks, we always try our best to prepare a wide range of patterns, models, or colors so that everyone can easily find something that will fit their expectations. However, we are primarily guided by the principle that the world of clothing and accessories we design is to be diverse, colorful, and at times even crazy. 

    KABAK socks for daily use and special occasions

    Our socks have personally designed original motifs, so you can be sure you will not find them in any other store. The variation of our socks makes it easier to find something for any occasion: colorful animals, patterns with your favorite hobby, or Christmas trees. We want to develop all the time, so we enrich the assortment with new, remarkable, and original products. We are sure that they will also suit you and your style, no matter your age or gender. 

    Products friendly to people and the environment

    Did you know that our socks contain at least 80% cotton? They are made of high-quality yarn covered by the OEKO-TEX certificate. What does this mean in practice for you? Among other things, our products will not contain any substances or dyes harmful to the environment. Sounds great, right? We also make every effort to ensure that KABAK socks are comfortable for you. So that the foot does not sweat while wearing them, but also that you feel pleasant and warm. The heels and toes part of the socks are specially reinforced with polyamide, so you can be sure they will serve you for a long time. You can find our socks in two different sizes. The smaller one corresponds to sizes 36-41, while the second, larger one is suitable for sizes 42-46.

    It is worth knowing that, in our store, you will find not only funny socks but also hats, home accessories, cotton scarves, and even soy candles.

  • Kids

    High-quality kids accessories

    We created KABAK accessories for kids with a thought of comfort, originality, and universality, so they work great on any occasion. Perfect for daily activities, field trips, and evenings with a cup of hot chocolate, but also for adventures, life lessons, and creating the most beautiful childhood memories.

    Polish accessories for children from KABAK

    The variety, originality, and classic style of KABAK kids’ accessories make them a universal solution for all, even the most demanding future models and fashion critics. We always put our heart and every effort into creating our products. We make all of them out of certified materials of the highest quality. They are vegan, and they do not irritate sensitive children's skin. Sounds good, right? And from now on, you can dress the whole family with KABAK accessories, because we have the same hats and socks for both children and adults!

  • Scarves

    Scarves are one of the most interesting accessories that can be found in the KABAK offer. We offer models suitable for women and men, elders, or youngsters. Our scarves are an original highlight to any autumn and winter outfit. Wearing a KABAK scarf, you can't go unnoticed!

    Colorful KABAK scarves – for shrew and not only

    KABAK scarves are available in various colors, and their unique features are colorful abstract patterns. Thanks to this, they are a good solution for anyone who wants to give their toned winter styling a little color and originality. Models available in our offer are very comfortable to wear, pleasant to touch, and importantly, they don't scratch the neck. In addition, they are very resistant to damage and will stay with you for several seasons. 

    KABAK cotton scarves – warm and fashionable!

    KABAK scarves are an excellent choice for people that are not afraid to stand out. An interesting element of the outfit that will nicely complement it and please your eyes. We prepared many geometrical patterns, as well as plain single-color scarves for those who like it more casually.

    If you are looking for an intriguing idea to liven up your autumn or winter outfit, get to know all KABAK cotton scarves and set them the way you want! KABAK colorful scarves are the perfect accessory for winter, which will be an aesthetic addition, and pleasantly wrap your neck to keep you warm.

  • Underwear
  • Pins

    Pins – a small, yet amazing and fashionable accessory that gives the outfit a character and a completely new expression. Pins are an attractive accessory, but usually at first glance unnoticeable. Our offer includes pins with classic and urban motifs. Thanks to their original yet classic designs, they are an accessory of all time and of all ages. So if you are wondering how to diversify your outfit originally, you will find the ready idea on our website! 

    KABAK pins for clothes – small accessories with big character

    As tiny elements of your outfit, KABAK pins perfectly emphasize the style and add character to the ordinary jacket or coat. They work as a graceful addition to elegant, formal outfits, as well as to everyday styling. Their unique design makes them subtle, yet eye-catching accessories. Among our pins, anyone can find a motif that will perfectly match their preference, personality, or mood!

    Originality and beauty

    KABAK pins are available in various interesting designs. Their wide selection means that everyone will find something for themselves! If you like animal designs, our pin bear will catch your eye. Why did we choose the bear theme? Because it has always been with us and it proudly presents itself on our hats. If you prefer more floral patterns then pin monstera will become your soulmate accessory. An interesting theme, and very fashionable at the moment! 

    Check also other accessories available on our website, such as woven belts.

  • For home

    Interesting home accessories that will bring a new character to the interior of your house

    Creating a stunning interior design with original accessories? Sounds like a job for KABAK home accessories! Whether you're searching for something that emphasizes your modern, Scandinavian, traditional, or more minimalistic style, at KABAK, you'll find something that'll timelessly decorate your apartment. 

    Fashionable ornaments and decorations for home

    Do you dream of an interior design in line with the latest trends? Awesome! Since even the tiniest, subtle home decorations can easily change the interior and give it a whole new look, we have prepared fashionable decorative accessories for the home. On our offer, you can find cotton blankets that are pleasant to the touch and available in various trendy colors that will make your bedroom look cozier than ever. 

    Scented soy candles - their fragrance will stimulate your senses while an elegant label will additionally decorate the room. Our store also has beautiful and original posters – if you only match their style and colors to the overall arrangement, you will gain great decoration. KABAK home accessories will make the interior even more character. All you have to do is choose the right themes and your favorite colors.

  • Gift ideas

    Are you looking for creative gift ideas for your loved ones, or maybe you have difficulty finding a universal and practical gift for a friend? Then you are in the perfect place - among our present ideas, you will most certainly find a perfect gift for any occasion. We guarantee that our gift ideas will bring a lot of joy, put a smile on your face, and will be practical at the same time. Additionally, you will find gifts that please both younger and older people, so be sure to choose gift ideas from KABAK - proven, original, and fascinating.

    An original gift idea for her

    Are you trying to find a gift for your wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, or mother? We have perfect gift sets that are original, fun, and will bring joy to everyday life. The best example is a set of colorful socks! Each of them consists of three pairs of long or short, thematically selected socks. You can find elegant models and crazy, unique patterned ones. We offer animal, plant, or hobby motifs, geometric figures, unicorns, and more classic polka-dot socks. And if you don't know which set to select, we prepared another appealing (and safe!) idea for a present - a gift card decorated with our own unique print.

    A practical gift idea for him

    Do you want to give a man an original present? In KABAK will find interesting gift ideas, including practical sets. We especially recommend a set of colorful boxers or funny socks. We assure you that your brother, boyfriend, husband, father, or friend will be pleased with such functional and unique gifts. With our offer, you will also find a universal idea for a gift for him - such as a gift card!

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    KABAK socks and accessories at a lower price? You're welcome :) In the SALE category you will find your favorite products available with a 30% discount! Socks, a beanie or maybe a scarf? Cut-priced products change from time to time, so keep up to date and hunt what you need at a reduced price. Look into the sales category and choose the KABAK product for yourself!

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