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  • Candles

    Vegan scented candles from KABAK

    Scented candles from KABAK will fill your home with beautiful and subtle aromas. Thanks to Natural essential oils, fragrances are fresh and pleasant. All KABAK candles are made of vegan soy wax and have a 100% wooden wick, which makes a crackling sound when burning, imitating wood burning in the fireplace. We designed our soy candles in several fragrance compositions, so you can match a specific aroma to your current mood. In addition, each of them comes in an elegant, beautiful glass package that will decorate your room and successfully become your perfect gift idea

    Natural scented soy candles with a wooden wick 

    Do you know how natural soy candles differ from ordinary candles? The latter are most often made of paraffin, which is sourced from the tars fractions of brown coal or heavy fractions of crude oil. For the candle to smell beautiful, various types of fragrance oils and dyes are added to it. When smoked, they can produce substances that are harmful to our health. Moreover, lead is frequently added to their wicks, which can cause respiratory problems. That is why it is worth betting on natural soy candles. The ones available in our store – with a wooden wick – are the perfect solution for those who want to spread a pleasant scent at home, and at the same time consciously choose the healthy solution. 

    And if you want to give your interior a unique character, check also our cotton blankets available in various colors and posters.

  • Blankets

    Comfortable and warm cotton blankets

    KABAK cotton blankets – Made from 100% certified combed cotton, with a thick, knitted weave. They will perfectly match any interior design. KABAK cotton blankets will work both as a warm cover and an elegant bedspread. Thanks to the natural material, blankets are very soft, pleasant to touch, and additionally, they won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin and don’t cause any allergic reactions. 

    KABAK cotton blankets are available in many elegant, classic colors such as bottle-green, dark gray, or red brick. Thanks to the color selection and classic design, they perfectly complement any interior.

    High-quality blankets for the coldest evenings

    KABAK cotton blankets are soft and very warm. You can easily wash them in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Before washing for the first time, the warm blanket measures approx. 150×180 centimeters. Since blankets are made of natural cotton material, they shrink a bit and stretch up to 150×210 centimeters once you wash them in the washing machine. Because of their size, they are also perfect for building a pillow fort;) Thanks to the high-quality, natural material and the size of our cotton blankets, they can easily keep you warm and cozy even during the coldest winter days. 

    Choose your color and get yourself a blanket for long chilly evenings! Try other accessories from our home collection: a great addition to the interior can also be our scented soy candles – check them out!

  • Posters

    Are you trying to redecorate your apartment and wonder if posters will be the right choice for your new interior? If that's the case, you don't have to limit yourself! Decorations such as posters will be a perfect fit for every wall in your house. In the bedroom, living room, study, kitchen, or even bathroom. Wall graphics also look great on the staircase or in the hall! With a little help from posters, even the difficult rooms to decorate will gain an original design. In addition, posters and graphics can be placed on shelves or windowsills.

    Modern wall posters

    Minimalistic and modern decorations are recent hits in stylish interior designs. If you want to accomplish such an effect, choose your favorite posters in a contemporary style. Thanks to them, you will bring a new character to your bedroom, living room, study, or hall. All you have to do is choose an interesting poster, graphic, or other decoration showing original themes. We especially recommend modernist works depicting buildings from Polish and foreign cities. Such posters help create a unique atmosphere in the house and maintain a stylish interior.

    Posters and graphics as an idea for a stylish interior

    Do you want to emphasize the style of the room, or maybe you dream of creating a focal point in the interior? In each of these cases, wall graphics from KABAK will come in handy! They perfectly decorate the space and are a universal decoration, that can be freely modified so that every time you can have a whole new fresh look. All you have to do is add new posters and graphics, or change their arrangement! Posters in expressive colors are also an ideal solution - a bit of green, blue, red, or white is the best way to attract the eye. In addition, they will make even undeveloped space unique and mesmerizing! Check also the thick blankets and scented soy candles available in our offer, which will also be a great addition to your interior decoration.

  • Dog bed KABAK x Piesotto

Interesting home accessories that will bring a new character to the interior of your house

Creating a stunning interior design with original accessories? Sounds like a job for KABAK home accessories! Whether you're searching for something that emphasizes your modern, Scandinavian, traditional, or more minimalistic style, at KABAK, you'll find something that'll timelessly decorate your apartment. 

Fashionable ornaments and decorations for home

Do you dream of an interior design in line with the latest trends? Awesome! Since even the tiniest, subtle home decorations can easily change the interior and give it a whole new look, we have prepared fashionable decorative accessories for the home. On our offer, you can find cotton blankets that are pleasant to the touch and available in various trendy colors that will make your bedroom look cozier than ever. 

Scented soy candles - their fragrance will stimulate your senses while an elegant label will additionally decorate the room. Our store also has beautiful and original posters – if you only match their style and colors to the overall arrangement, you will gain great decoration. KABAK home accessories will make the interior even more character. All you have to do is choose the right themes and your favorite colors.