You can track your order on each level of delivery. When the package is shipped, you get an email with the exact number of the shipment:

You confirmed your order but changed your mind on the payment level? That’s ok. We get that. Sometimes online shopping demands some time to think :) Your order is already in our system but we won’t ship it until the payment has gone through. In case you already paid for your order, let us know at We’ll cancel the order and reimburse you.

If you don’t feel satisfied with our product, you can return it or exchange it within 30 days after the purchase. All you have to do is:

  1. Send us an email at
  2. fill out a form, print it and contain it in the package
  3. remember that you’re responsible for any fees connected to the shipment
  4. ship package to the address: KABAK Katarzyna Stępska InPost FF, Wola Bykowska 31, 97-306 Grabica, Poland

In case you want to exchange purchased items, let us know at Remember! Products that are stained/worn can be neither returned nor exchanged.

We do our best to ensure that all KABAK products have been precisely finished and meet rigorous quality standards. In case the item you obtained is damaged, you have a right to make a complaint. Take a photo of a damaged part, fill out a form available under this link /userdata/public/assets//Complaint%20form.pdf and email them at this address: Within 14 days from receiving your message, we'll reach out to you and inform you about the next steps that need to be taken.

Our products are 100% local. Everything you find at our store is made in Poland.

Absolutely! We’re looking for shops willing to work with us. We offer a profitable and simple order system. Check out our B2B collaboration page to find out more.

It’s not just about the brand. Personally, we all care about making life on our planet a little bit better. That’s why we eliminated animal products and kept animals only on our patterns. We make our belts and patches out of faux eco-leather. Also, the glues that we use during the production are 100% vegan. That makes KABAK a brand completely vegan.

Living in harmony with nature is one of these values that we treat seriously as a brand and people. That’s why we grow together with KABAK. We search for new solutions, make more mature decisions and exchange materials for those environmentally friendly. Check out our CSR Reports page to learn more.

In KABAK’s newsletter, we write about news, sales, bestsellers' comebacks and other events from the brand’s life. Sometimes you can find discount code only for our subscribers. If you consider signing up, don’t worry! We won’t send you tons of spam every month. We send our newsletter only when there’s something good to read about.

When you're interested in a certain model or size that isn’t currently in stock, click on the option “in stock reminder”. When the item is available again, you will be notified with an email.

The gift-wrapping service on our online store has been temporarily suspended due to warehouse relocation. We are currently working on resolving this issue, and in the meantime, we invite you to get gift boxes from KABAK's physical stores.

Absolutely! We can design most of the products available in our offer (except belts and lingerie) according to your personalized needs. You can find out more about the details on Individual Orders page.

We gladly welcome feedback and ideas from our customers! If you have any suggestions for us, please send them to us at We will review every idea that comes our way :)


Organic cotton is currently the most sustainable material available in the textile industry. How is it different from regular cotton? From the very beginning, the production of organic cotton remains in harmony with natural processes. There’s no chemicals or pesticides used and no people are exploited at the plantations. Dyes that colour the fibre are only natural, which makes them safe for kids and do not sensitize. Cotton is hand-picked - that’s why fibres are better quality and purer. Socks made out of such material are more durable.

We don’t want the socks to slide down your legs. That’s why 3 out of 5% elastane used in our KABAK socks has its place in the cuff. This way, the sock will lay on your leg, without pressing it too hard.

If you’re size 41, just think about whether you want the leg of the sock to be shorter or longer. After the first wash, the sock might slightly shrink so the length of the sole (the bottom part of the sock) will be right for you no matter which size you decide to choose.

That makes it simple! We do not create collections designed only for men or women. Once you decide which pattern you like the most, the only thing you have to choose is the size. We know how hard it is to buy socks, especially if you don’t buy them for yourself and it’s a gift. That’s why we created socks in universal sizes. You don’t have to try them on to make a decision.

No, our kid KABAK socks are not non-slips.

You can go ahead and wash socks and other KABAK accessories. The maximum temperature is 40 Celsius degrees. Just remember, socks are mostly made out of cotton and after the first wash they might slightly shrink. It’s natural, but don’t worry. Just put your socks on and they’ll stretch back to their original size (⅓ length of your calf). Don’t bleach, tumble dry, dry-clean or iron them. Just let the washing machine do its job ;)

The glitter socks are the only synthetic socks in our offer. They might be less comfortable than other socks available at our stores but they absolutely won’t irritate sensitive skin. We thought about it and softened the inner layer, making sure that, although the socks might seem rough outside, the material inside reminds thighs and remains safe for your skin.

All KABAK socks are made out of the same type of fibres. Sometimes there might be a slight difference in their thickness. Depending on how complicated the pattern is, some details might need more threads which will cause the feeling of a thicker fabric.

All KABAK socks are designed according to the same parameters and are made out of the same amount of fibres. Sometimes socks in the same size but different patterns might look slightly different. That may be the result of the “old age” of a pair. The sock might shrink a little bit after a long time and it’s natural. After the production is over, each sock is additionally ironed and smoothened. Depending on the time of storage and transport condition, elastane contained in the socks might shrink a little bit making you feel that the pair of socks is smaller than its “younger” friends. Don’t worry! Once you put the socks on, they’ll stretch back to their original size and will lay well on your feet!


All beanies within one kind are going to be the same, but there might be small differences between certain models. Beanies alcatraz are knitted thickly so they are going to be the most tight model. The burglar beanies are the widest but they won’t keep your ears warm since they are shorter and don’t cover them - wear them as a nice addition to your outfit!

Beanie might seem quite tight when you wear it for the first time - it’s knitted thickly to keep your head warm :) Don’t worry! Beanie is made out of elastic cotton and after a few hours, it will stretch and perfectly fit your head. That’s why you shouldn’t lend it to friends with bigger heads than yours. Once it’s stretched, beanie might won’t go back to its original size.

Definitely our warm, winter beanie. It’s knitted out of a thick, double layer of fabric. It will keep your head warm even on the coldest days!

In the case of our KABAK beanies, we recommend a hand-wash. Washing them in the washing machine is possible at the temperature not higher than 30 degrees but there’s a possibility that after that your beanie will get puffed, static or wrinkly. Don’t bleach them or dry them.


The size of the KABAK patterned scarf is 155cm x 19cm. The size of the fringes is 2x8cm. The dimensions of one-coloured scarf is 195 cm x 29.5 x cm.

All delicate, synthetic fibres are recommended to be hand-washed. Washing them in a washing machine is possible at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees but there’s a possibility that after that your scarf will get puffed, static or wrinkly. Don’t bleach or tumble dry them.


You don’t need a lot of time to take good care of your belt. In case of a small stain, gently wipe your belt with a wet towel. Washing them in the washing machine is not a good idea.


The prices of lingerie depend on the fabric and construction of the model.

All delicate, synthetic fibres are recommended to be hand-washed. Washing them in a washing machine is possible at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees but there’s a possibility that after that your lingerie will get puffed, static or wrinkly. Don’t bleach them or tumble dry them.


You can wash KABAK towels in the washing machine at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees.