Flexible cooperation terms tailored to your needs and the specifics of your store
Convenient and intuitive order placement system

Same business day shipping for orders

Expert support at every stage of cooperation and real-time access to information about new products and plans

Access to proprietary designs and unique products 100% made in Poland

Value-added products - KABAK's offer includes not only products but also sustainable values that stand behind them

Easy access to innovative and sustainable raw materials

Timeless design extending the product lifecycle

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Our approach and values

KABAK is not just about products. It also encompasses a set of values that we deliver as part of our package. Learn more about our mission, vision, and philosophy of operation!

CSR Report

As KABAK, we aim to grow in a sustainable and transparent manner. That's why we have created a CSR Report, through which we regularly share our progress and setbacks on the journey towards becoming a fully green business with our stakeholders. We invite you to read it!

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