Personalized socks at KABAK? Say no more!

If you’re looking for an outstanding idea for a business gadget, a Christmas gift for your coworkers or simply dream about your custom socks, you’re in the right place!
What’s so special about KABAK customized socks?
Socks create space for various types of logos and other patterns connected with your company. That makes your brand easier to remember. If they are of high-quality cotton, they won’t end up unwanted and forgotten in a dark drawer. Socks with your logo will not ruin your budget. They’ll become a significant part of your client’s everyday outfit.
At KABAK, we won’t leave you alone with your order. Do you need a designer? We got you! Tell us about your inspirations or send us a few pictures describing your main idea for the socks. We’ll do the rest. You don’t know what to do with the label? If nothing comes to your mind, we can design that as well! Together we can create an original gift that won’t leave your brand forgotten!

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Technical details

  • Available models: long socks, ankle socks, sport frotte socks and kids socks
  • Composition: 80% of combed cotton, 15% polyamide and 5% of elastane
  • Available sizes:
  • adult socks: 36-41 and 42-46
  • kids socks: 22-25, 26-30 and 31-35
  • While ordering customized socks you need to order at least:
  • 100 pairs/pattern and 50 pairs/size in case of adult socks
  • 500 pairs/pattern and 200 pairs/size in case of kids socks
  • You can use up to:
  • 6 colours in case of socks for the adults
  • 5 colours if you want to design the kids socks
  • Fees for the design and print of your personalized label are included in the price.
  • Choose the colours according to the catalogue we deliver to you
  • Time of completion is about 4-6 weeks, depending on the material and colors availability

How we work?

Fill out the brief

Fill out the product brief, which can be found on this sub-page for personalization beanies. Remember, the more information you include in it, the easier it will be for us to get back to you with a precise offer :)

Wait for an offer

We will carefully review the brief you send us and get back to you promptly with an offer tailored to your needs.

Accept the project

Based on the guidelines you send us, we prepare beanies and label/tag designs, which then go to you for approval. We will make any corrections at your request. 

Production starts!

After you approve the project, we start with the production and printing of tags/labels. Approximate lead times for beanies is about 4-6 weeks, depending on the material and colors availability.

Expect a package :)

Done! We label the finished products, pack them in paper carton boxes and ship them to the address you specify. Now all that's left is waiting for the package :)


At KABAK, we price each order individually based on the guidelines you send us, the complexity of the design, and the amount of articles you decide on.

Fill out and send us a product brief and we will get back to you with a transparent quote for your project :)


We can customize the socks with a design on the product and a label. Importantly, the patterning technique we use is knitting, which means that the pattern is woven from scratch along with the rest of the sock, rather than being printed onto it. Although the design of the socks is made in pixels, we have the ability to reproduce the dream design in quite a detailed way - we can make geometric patterns, graphics, logos, as well as lettering. When we receive inspiration from you, we will certainly tell you more about the possibilities and limitations. 

Of course, organic cotton is one of the raw materials we can offer you for your socks! However, as it is still a relatively niche raw material on the Polish market, production from organic cotton is governed by slightly different rules than production from conventional cotton (primarily in terms of lead times and available color palette). If you are interested in organic cotton socks, be sure to let us know about it in the brief and we will provide you with the exact terms of cooperation, along with lead times and available color palette.

The standard sizes we offer for adult socks are 36-41 and 42-46. This is the division that has worked well for us over the years, too, because it is the most versatile. However, if you are interested in other sizes, no problem - just let us know in the brief or email, and we will get back to you with information on what options we have. 

In the case of children's socks, unfortunately, we are not able to offer a size other than the standard one of three sizes: 22-25, 26-30 and 31-35.

Of course! We also make designs for socks that do not match. The production minimum in such a case increases us to 200 pairs from the project. So, if you are thinking of an out-of-pocket design, be sure to let us know about it in the brief, and we will provide you with detailed terms of cooperation.

Any questions?

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