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Vegan scented candles from KABAK

Scented candles from KABAK will fill your home with beautiful and subtle aromas. Thanks to Natural essential oils, fragrances are fresh and pleasant. All KABAK candles are made of vegan soy wax and have a 100% wooden wick, which makes a crackling sound when burning, imitating wood burning in the fireplace. We designed our soy candles in several fragrance compositions, so you can match a specific aroma to your current mood. In addition, each of them comes in an elegant, beautiful glass package that will decorate your room and successfully become your perfect gift idea

Natural scented soy candles with a wooden wick 

Do you know how natural soy candles differ from ordinary candles? The latter are most often made of paraffin, which is sourced from the tars fractions of brown coal or heavy fractions of crude oil. For the candle to smell beautiful, various types of fragrance oils and dyes are added to it. When smoked, they can produce substances that are harmful to our health. Moreover, lead is frequently added to their wicks, which can cause respiratory problems. That is why it is worth betting on natural soy candles. The ones available in our store – with a wooden wick – are the perfect solution for those who want to spread a pleasant scent at home, and at the same time consciously choose the healthy solution. 

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