Pin, button, brooch or badge?

No matter what you call a personalized pin, what truly matters is what it represents and who you'll gift it to! As KABAK, we can support you at every stage of the order – from preparing the brooch design according to your guidelines to printing personalized labels. This way, you'll receive a unique corporate gadget ready for sale or promotional activities :)
What’s so special about KABAK customized pins?
The precise manufacturing technology ensures accurate reproduction of both text and graphics, allowing your personalized badge to either loosely reference your business's activities or character, or serve as an elegant gadget with your logo.
Our pins are hand-made and they’re manufactured in Poland. By producing locally we can control the whole process and make sure it remains at the highest quality level.
Are you looking for a business gadget or a way to widen your store’s offer? The personalized pin will be perfect! It is timeless and simple - very precise technology allows us to create even very complicated projects. A pin can be either connected with the character of your brand or has your logo on it.

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Technical details

  • An enameled, hand-painted metal pin
  • While ordering personalized pins you need to order at least 100 of them
  • You can add a customized paper label
  • Time of completion is between 4-6 weeks

How we work?

Fill out the brief

Fill out the product brief, which can be found on this sub-page for personalization pins. Remember, the more information you include in it, the easier it will be for us to get back to you with a precise offer :)

Wait for an offer

We will carefully review the brief you send us and get back to you promptly with an offer tailored to your needs.

Accept the project

Based on the guidelines you send us, we prepare pins and label designs, which then go to you for approval. We will make any corrections at your request. 

Production starts!

After you approve the project, we start with the production and printing of labels. Approximate lead times for pins is about 4-6 weeks, depending on the material and colors availability.

Expect a package :)

Done! We label the finished products, pack them in paper carton boxes and ship them to the address you specify. Now all that's left is waiting for the package :)


At KABAK, we price each order individually based on the guidelines you send us, the complexity of the design, and the amount of articles you decide on.

Fill out and send us a product brief and we will get back to you with a transparent quote for your project :)


We select enamels based on mutually agreed upon colors from the visualization. Of course, the color from the visualization may differ slightly from that on the pin, but we have a very wide range of color choices dyed to Pantone numbers, so really the color scheme is purely a matter of our imagination.

The pins are offered with a tube clasp, which is more sturdy but also more durable than most standard clasps. Upon request, we can prepare a pin with a butterfly clasp.

In fact, the size of the pin depends on the complexity of the design and is imposed precisely by the design itself. We always estimate exactly what size the pin will be, but if you have specific guidelines about it, be sure to let us know - we will then verify whether the design should be simplified, or whether it will be possible to leave it in its original version without losing detail.

Any questions?

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