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Kids socks

Colorful kids socks

KABAK offers socks for the whole family. Thinking about the youngest ones, we prepared a version of KABAK accessories for kids. As we all know, children can be very picky sometimes, but also sincere and direct. Being so straightforward makes them the best critics. That’s also why we took the preparation of children's socks patterns very seriously and wanted to make them more colorful than ever. Have we made it? See our kid's collection full of crazy patterns and find out for yourself!

Funny, cute patterns in a variety of colors

Our kids' socks are very colorful and patterned, decorated with various motifs: animals, planets, vegetables, etc. Thanks to the big variety, kids can easily choose the one that suits their interests, preferences, or mood. We tried our best to show as many colors as possible while creating these socks because colors are what reflect the diversity and joy of children’s world. Every child (and also a parent) will find a favorite pattern of children's socks.

Funny socks for children - the highest quality and wearing comfort

Our kids' socks are available in three different sizes: 22-25, 26-30, and 31-35. All of them have the same composition: 80% cotton, 15% polyamide, and 5% elastane. We make our colorful socks for children out of high-quality yarn covered by the OEKO-TEX certificate. What’s more, we've reinforced the areas of heels and toes that rub the fastest with polyamide and strengthened the cuff with elastane. That makes it more elastic and ensures that the socks don't annoyingly roll down. That improves the wearing comfort and keeps socks in one place without putting too much pressure on the leg. The high quality of the material prevents the children's feet from sweating and doesn't irritate their sensitive skin. 

Children find KABAK socks comfortable not only because of their soft material. Its structure is thick enough to prevent abrasions on delicate feet and provide comfort during all children's adventures. Thanks to this, KABAK socks should serve even the most unpredictable kids for a very long time.