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A practical, comfortable and fashionable accessory that all of us need? The answer is simple! KABAK woven belts are essential in the wardrobes of those who value timeless accessories that work with different, casual, and more elegant outfits. With the thought of minimalists and vivid color lovers, we created the woven belts collection in classic, toned shades and a bit crazier ones too. KABAK woven belts are very fashionable and also durable, as we made them of high-quality materials, so they can serve you for many years. As KABAK belts add a fresh look to every outfit, they are perfect for summer shorts or warmer sweaters. 

KABAK woven belts – a combination of comfort, fashion, and durability

We made our colorful, durable, and elastic belts with 90% high-quality nylon material. Thanks to their flexible fibers, you can be sure that KABAK woven belts will stay with you longer than a few seasons. In a standard form, the belts are 110 centimeters long, and after stretching the length reaches up to 130 centimeters. As there are no holes in the belt, you can decide where to fasten the strap, and after removing the pin there will be no trace left. The belt has a buckle made of a non-allergenic metal mix.