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Classic socks

Classic models of KABAK socks

Without a doubt, classics will always stay in the fashion industry. That's why we prepared a classic socks collection in several different models for both women and men, decorated with a delicate pattern or ribbed. You will find something for yourself in this offer for sure!

Minimalism with a pinch of madness

We designed classic socks for those who value minimalism daily but want to add more color, originality, and freedom to their styling. The universal patterns of these socks, such as stripes or polka dots,  make them suitable for both women and men. These classic models will match both women's outfits and men's suits. It is a collection for everyone, regardless of gender or age.

KABAK sockshatsbelts, and other accessories are for those who do not like the usual, common patterns but are always looking for an effective way to express their personality. High-quality classic socks

High-quality classic socks

We make KABAK socks of high-quality cotton. Since the natural material does not block air circulation, your feet remain safe from excessive sweating. All classic socks are long, reaching about 1/3 of the calf. Thanks to the addition of elastane in the welt, you can barely feel the socks on your legs while they stay in one place and don't annoyingly slide down. The offer of classic socks includes sizes from 36 to 41 and 42 to 46.