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KABAK has been operating in the market since 2013. Over the years, we have realized that production and sales cannot be our raison d’etre. That's why, as a brand, we want to develop consciously and actively work to build the world we ourselves want to live in. 

„We will never be perfect”

Despite many years of consistent pursuit of the chosen goal, there are still new challenges ahead, so we refer to it ourselves as a process we are still in. We will never be perfect - whenever a way to do something better comes up, we will want to follow it. What does it all actually mean, though?

But what does it all actually mean?

KABAK is in the business of protecting the planet. We want to prove that it is possible to deliver market value, understood as a fair product at a fair price, without sacrificing concern for the environment, and that such decisions can make economic sense for each party.

That's why we have made it our mission to facilitate sustainable living - to those who want to live sustainably, we give eco-design, provide knowledge and support complementary initiatives on their behalf. 


As a brand, we have our values that guide us in our daily work. 

We are as sustainable as possible

Environmental neutrality is but a first step for us. We strive for full environmental superstructure, because we believe that responsibly run business can not only not harm it, but actually help it. We also want to promote this approach among our suppliers and other market players. 

We are hard on transparency

We share both successes and failures with our audience - after all, the road to making a vision a reality is bumpy. We also give them full access to information about production processes and our philosophy.

We are fearless

We know where we are going, and we want to speak out on issues that are important to us. We are not afraid of failures or mistakes, because only he who does nothing is not wrong, and we want to act! Every feedback, including negative ones, is another source of constructive vision for our development.

Our goal

We want to live in a world where our responsible production model first reduces its environmental impact as much as possible, and then seeks to offset its impact as much as possible. We are pursuing this goal through both day-to-day activities and long-term decisions.

And specifically
We design and manufacture in Poland
We are a 100% vegan brand - you can find us, among others, on the official list of Fur-Free Shops, maintained by the Otwarte Klatki animal welfare association
We use only certified materials
Our spirit is eco - we pack packages rationally, we do not use foil packets or plastic fillers, and all our packing materials are made of paper, so they are successfully reusable or recyclable
We are looking for new solutions - we are constantly on the lookout for innovative materials and recycled innovations that would help us push our products one step closer to the ideal of full environmental neutrality

Thank you for being in this with us!

P.S. If you'd like to learn more about KABAK and its environmental and community efforts, take a peek at the CSR report we published in late 2022.

It's a tool we created to make our brand even more transparent and comprehensively show KABAK "behind the scenes".