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Sport frotte socks

KABAK sport frotte socks are a great solution not only for the winter. They will provide your foot with a pleasant, comfortable warmth and an extremely fashionable and individual look. This model of sports socks will perfectly match any footwear and outfit. Our sports socks have original designs in various models, made for those who value originality and want to stand out.

KABAK sports socks – not only for the winter

KABAK sports frotte socks are longer than standard models. Decorated with fun retro stripes a bit above the ankle, they'll catch the attention of every vintage style lover. They'll accompany you during sports activities, shorter and longer hikes, or as an accessory to your everyday outfits. These are models for everyone and every occasion! 

We make KABAK socks with the highest quality materials. The composition consists of 80% combed cotton, 15% polyamide, and 5% elastane. KABAK socks are flexible, comfortable, and durable. Remember to follow the recommended washing instructions to make sure socks serve you for years. You can successfully wash them in the washing machine, at a water temperature that doesn’t exceed 40 degrees.