Personalized scarves on your mind?

Scarves might seem like an unusual business gadget or gift for your coworkers but they match with many outfits and give a possibility of a high level of personalization. 
What’s so special about KABAK customized scarves?
We don’t print patterns on our KABAK scarves. We use the HDC method that lets you create your project from scratch. Scarf knitted that way, reflects the true colours of the used fibres and even the most complicated patterns. It is 95% made of combed cotton - a material that our beanies and most of the socks are made of.
If the light and colourful scarf with fringes doesn’t perfectly meet your expectations, there’s one more thing in our offer. For those who love minimalistic solutions there’s a classic, 100% cotton scarf. Although it can’t be patterned, it will always match your fall and winter outfits with its single-color simple structure! Choose the colour and personalize your own eco faux leather patch on which we can put the logo of your brand.

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Technical details

  • Available models:
  • Patterned HDC Scarf (composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane or 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane)
  • “Knitted” Single-Color Scarf (composition: 100% cotton or 100% organic cotton)
  • These are the sizes of the scarves:
  • The patterned scarf: 19 x 155 cm + 2 x 8 cm fringes
  • The single-color “knitted” scarf : 29,5 x 195 cm
  • While ordering personalized scarves you need to order at least 200 of them
  • You can use:
  • up to 6 colours when it comes to the Patterned Scarf
  • only 1 colour in case of knitted Single-Color Scarf
  • Choose the colours according to the catalogue we deliver to you
  • You can add an inner or an outer tag
  • Time of completion is about 6-8 weeks, depending on the material and colors availability

How we work?

Fill out the brief

Fill out the product brief, which can be found on this sub-page for personalization scarves. Remember, the more information you include in it, the easier it will be for us to get back to you with a precise offer :)

Wait for an offer

We will carefully review the brief you send us and get back to you promptly with an offer tailored to your needs.

Accept the project

Based on the guidelines you send us, we prepare scarves and label/tag designs, which then go to you for approval. We will make any corrections at your request. 

Production starts!

After you approve the project, we start with the production and printing of tags/labels. Approximate lead times for scarves is about 6-8 weeks, depending on the material and colors availability.

Expect a package :)

Done! We label the finished products, pack them in paper carton boxes and ship them to the address you specify. Now all that's left is waiting for the package :)


At KABAK, we price each order individually based on the guidelines you send us, the complexity of the design, and the amount of articles you decide on.

Fill out and send us a product brief and we will get back to you with a transparent quote for your project :)


Styled scarves (with tassels) have a similar patterning technique to socks - the design is drawn in pixels and is an integral part of the product. On the scarf, as with the socks, we can put your logo, lettering or graphics. 

We can customize the single-color scarf with a color that matches your corporate identity and a patch/skin with a graphic of your choice. 

For both scarf variants, we can also offer a fully customized label.

HDC scarf is a model made cylindrically and seamless. Importantly, the scarf consists of two layers (it is a hollow tube) and both sides of the scarf can have different graphics (it is not necessary to repeat the same one on both sides of the scarf). Due to the tassels with which it is finished, and its length (155 cm), the form of the scarf somewhat resembles a "football fan" scarf. It is characterized by high graphic clarity and high color intensity.

A single-color scarf is essentially a scarf that is woven flat, making it a single layer. So unlike a patterned scarf, we can't make one side different from the other, nor can we put patterning on the scarf. However, the single-color scarf is certainly much more versatile and classic than its patterned version. A customized patch gives it an individual touch.

For the HDC scarf, we only make one size. A single-color scarf, on the other hand, can be both longer and shorter. If you are interested in a non-standard product dimension, mention it in the completed brief and we will let you know if the variant you have chosen is feasible :)

In the case of HDC scarf, we only make one size, for that a single-color scarf can be wider (narrower is not recommended). If you are interested in such an option, mention it in the completed brief, and we will let you know if the option you have chosen is feasible :)

Of course, we also offer organic cotton scarves. Add in the brief that you are interested in scarves of organic cotton and we will provide you with detailed terms of cooperation including completion dates, pricing and available color swatch. 

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