Personalized beanies on your mind?

You’re in the right place! At KABAK, we’re something of a beanie expert ourselves.
What’s so special about KABAK customized beanies?
Simply, their natural composition. Our beanies are made of 100% combed cotton that does not sensitize or irritate the skin. You can be sure that your new product will be safe and friendly as a business gadget.
Our beanies are made in Poland. That’s why your beanie won’t just look nice- local production lets us control the whole production process and make sure that its quality remains on the highest level..

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Technical details

  • Available models: regular beanie, Alcatraz beanie, warm winter beanie and burglar beanie
  • Composition: 100% combed cotton or 100% organic cotton
  • You need to order at least 200 beanies while ordering personalized items
  • You can customize the eco faux leather patch
  • You can add an inner or an outer tag with your logo, composition and washing instructions
  • Choose the colours according to the catalogue we deliver to you
  • Time of completion is about 6-8 weeks, depending on the material and colors availability

How we work?

Fill out the brief

Fill out the product brief, which can be found on this sub-page for personalization beanies. Remember, the more information you include in it, the easier it will be for us to get back to you with a precise offer :)

Wait for an offer

We will carefully review the brief you send us and get back to you promptly with an offer tailored to your needs.

Accept the project

Based on the guidelines you send us, we prepare beanies and label/tag designs, which then go to you for approval. We will make any corrections at your request. 

Production starts!

After you approve the project, we start with the production and printing of tags/labels. Approximate lead times for beanies is about 6-8 weeks, depending on the material and colors availability.

Expect a package :)

Done! We label the finished products, pack them in paper carton boxes and ship them to the address you specify. Now all that's left is waiting for the package :)


At KABAK, we price each order individually based on the guidelines you send us, the complexity of the design, and the amount of articles you decide on.

Fill out and send us a product brief and we will get back to you with a transparent quote for your project :)


We can customize the hats with a patch (skin), color, and an exterior and interior tag. Our patches are made of eco-leather, and the design on them is laser-burned, so we can faithfully reproduce your logo or other graphics. 

Due to the fact that, as KABAK, we are a vegan brand, we are not able to offer you zoonotic materials such as wool. However, in our range of customized hats you will find a wide range of colors in such natural materials as cotton, recycled cotton and organic cotton.  

This question is best answered in our blog post! You will learn from it what characterizes a particular cut and for whom it will be best. Check out this website:

Of course! If you would like us to sew the patches provided by you into the hats, just let us know. We will then set a delivery date and address to make the production cycle as smooth as possible.

Unfortunately, none of our hats from the standard offer can be styled. The only form of customization is eco-skin. However, if you have an author's cap design in mind with an inscription or logo embroidered on the cap, be sure to let us know - we'll be sure to get back to you with a proposal! 

Any questions?

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