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Docker caps

Colorful cotton docker caps for summer

We present to you our newest accessory - cotton docker hats have finally arrived at our shops. Docker beanie hats are a summer version of our already well-known burglar beanies! These colorful docker beanies are just as short as the autumn model but made of a much lighter yarn where 100% is certified combed cotton. KABAK summer hats uncover the ears, keep your head safe from overheating, and are 100% vegan! Let yourself get carried away with the moment and try on a stylish docker beanie - the ultimate summer accessory :) 

Summer docker hats for men and women

KABAK docker beanie hats come in one universal size, but thanks to the flexibility of a strap with a metal buckle, anyone can adjust the hat to their head. Our colorful summer docker beanies will match anyone, regardless of gender or age. Thanks to their distinctive colors KABAK hats for summer will add a unique character to all your outfits. We strongly recommend handwashing our hats, the usage of the washing machine can lead to distortion and deformation of the delicate yarn. If your docker beanie gets dirty, wipe it with a wet sponge, that way you can be sure that it will stay like newly bought for much longer than just one season!

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