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Men's and women's hats from KABAK

Hats are typically practical in colder seasons, where the hat helps to prevent our heads from frost. But! Apart from their practical aspects, there is another important feature - they can be very fashionable. KABAK hats can be an original accessory that brings uniqueness and freshness to your outfit! 

That is why at KABAK, we offer hats in various bold colors. Timeless male and female models are perfect for adding color to the harsh reality of the fall and winter seasons. 

Colorful hats for every season

When designing our colorful hats, we tried our very best to create models that would be universal and also original. KABAK hats are an accessory for women and men, regardless of age. The variety of colors we have on our offer makes them even more suitable for everyone, and without a doubt, you can easily find the right one for yourself. 

They will be most useful in the autumn and winter seasons, but KABAK hats work as year-round accessories too. Our hats will serve you in all different kinds of conditions: during the city walk, in the mountains, by the seaside or forest, and any other place where you will be spending your time enjoying the fresh air. 

KABAK colorful hats are made of the highest quality cotton, which insulates well against low temperatures, provides warmth, and are pleasant and soft to the touch. Our hats have a folded part that isn't permanently sewn. That makes it easy to rearrange. Lengthen or shorten your beanie, so it will fit perfectly on your head.

How to wash KABAK hats?

KABAK hats for men and women can be washed in the washing machine. Make sure water does not exceed the temperature of 30 degrees. Otherwise, cleaning may cause minor pilling and static electricity. We advise all customers to wash their hats by hand. It shouldn't take too long, and it will keep the KABAK products looking new for a long time.