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    Warm and thick Alkatraz beanies

    Your ears slowly start to freeze. Big white snowflakes fully cover the streets. And on top of that, the winter holidays are coming. Sounds familiar? Visit our stores and check out Alkatraz winter beanies. They will protect you from the cold temperature and add color and joy to your winter outfit. These models of hats are suitable for both men and women. The variety of available colors makes them even more universal.

    It is never too cold with a winter hat!

    Winter hat – one of the most important and needed items for the autumn and winter season. Thanks to the flexible cotton material of our hats, you can easily adjust the shape of the beanie to your head. KABAK alkatraz beanies are available in a variety of colors, surely everyone will be able to find something for themselves. They all have a thicker, ribbed weave and the front of the hat is decorated by an ecological leather patch, which adds style and character to it. 

    We recommend you wash our warm beanies by hand. Thanks to this, you will be sure that the hat will not puff up and will not pick up static. Eventually, you will be able to use them for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons. 

    Make sure to check out our newest collection made 100% out of organic cotton, and help us take care of our planet, by choosing sustainable products.

  • Burglar beanies

    In the KABAK, we also have short docker hats made of high-quality cotton for you. These hats look great with both short and long hair. Its natural material will provide you with exceptional comfort from the very first time. That's why we guarantee that they will become your favorite accessory!

    The most fashionable women's and men's burglar beanies 

    Wondering whom did we create our docker beanies for? They’re universal and suit everyone – regardless of age or gender. We prepared these comfortable hats in various colors for you. Go out of the frame and create your style! Thanks to our docker beanies, you can freely create your style. The short hats available in KABAK have a universal size, so you will surely find a model in which you will feel the most comfortable. 

    Short hats in bold colors

    Do you like to stand out from the crowd with fashionable accessories? KABAK burglar beanies are made for you! They immediately catch the eye, thanks to their bold and more universal colors. 

    Each of your outfits will become more fashionable and original and gain a lot of energy at the same time by adding burglar hats to them. As we prepared a lot of different colors, you won’t have any problems matching the shade to your taste, style of dress, occasion, or even mood. You can find them in classic colors like black or navy blue and those juicer ones such as orange or poppy. Choose the right one for yourself and enjoy this original accessory!

    You can find many more accessories at our online store, like scarvessocks, or cool pins. They complete the look with your new hat. Make sure to check it out!

  • Warm beanies
  • Lumberjack beanies

    Recycled Beanies – giving Jeans the Second Life 

    We proudly present recycled KABAK hats! As a total novelty in our stores, the cotton used in this new collection had been entirely recycled from the old jeans. Cool, isn't it? Not only do we reduce additional waste, but also effectively help to reuse clothes that are already in the cycle. The cotton used to produce our recycled beanies is certified by the Recycled Blended Claim Standard, which guarantees the sustainable production of the material and confirms its responsible sourcing of the yarn.

    Colorful hats made of recycled cotton from the Lumberjack collection

    Meet the product that combines care about the environment, nature, and modern design. By putting our hearts into the project and taking deep care of all details, we created a unique collection of KABAK recycled beanies. Each hat from the Lumberjack collection has a characteristic tag with a bear on the side part. We made these labels out of recycled PET bottles. 

    Warm KABAK recycled hats won't overheat your head. That's because of the natural cotton yarn, a material that, commonly said, breathes. With the addition of polyamide, the fiber gains durability and will serve you for many years. 

    Same as our other models of hats, the Lumberjack collection hats are available in several colors, among which everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of gender and age.

  • Pompom beanies

    Pompoms for adults? Why not!

    Who wouldn't want to feel carefree like a child at times? KABAK Pompom beanies are perfect for introducing some fun into the well-known society dress code. Our hats overcome it with colors, unique patterns, or, like in this case, pompoms for adults. They will make your appearance more colorful and pull some sense of humor and good energy in your direction! 

    Pompom hats collection for men and women is universal but slightly more varied in style and colors than other KABAK collections. You can wear these pompom beanies both for street-style looks, casual outfits, and trips outside the city. 

    With a couple of colorful hats in your wardrobe, you can easily change the character of your outfits without buying new shoes or jackets every season. Stay sustainable and bring some colors into your wardrobe with environmentally friendly accessories :) KABAK colorful beanies with pompoms are an excellent way to add a bit of craziness and colors to your daily life!

    The highest quality pompom hats 

    KABAK hats with a pompom are made entirely of cotton. This high-quality knit fabric ensures that the hat will be good protection against low temperatures, rain, or strong wind. These hats are very soft and flexible, so they adapt quickly and easily to the shape of the head. We recommend washing KABAK hats by hand or in a washing machine at a temperature of up to 30 degrees.

  • Baseball caps

    Colorful and fashionable baseball caps

    Who said you won't need a hat once it gets warmer? Although the word hat might usually remind you about the cold weather, you should not forget about something that protects your head from the sun on hot summer days. Let us present you with KABAK colorful baseball caps. They will protect your head and eyes from the rays of sunshine in a unique colorful style.
    We made our cool baseball caps of good-quality, durable materials – cotton and polyamide. We have designed them with a thought of daily use and adventures. That’s why they were solidly made and provided high-wearing comfort. A walk around the city, a trip to the seaside or mountains? Our colorful baseball caps are a must for any of your adventures! Don't worry about your baseball cap getting dirty. Keeping them clean is pretty easy. Avoid throwing the cap into the washing machine. Wiping it with a wet sponge should be enough! 

    KABAK baseball caps for everyone

    In our store, you will find both men's and women's caps with many kinds of emblems on the front part of the hat. Simple, original embroidery goes perfectly with the classic cut. Our baseball caps were designed in one universal size, but thanks to the adjustable flap with a metal clasp, everyone can freely adjust the hat to their head. That’s why they will suit nicely regardless of age, gender, or hairstyle :) The charm of these trendy baseball caps is in their simplicity. Minimalism boldly returns to fashion! 
    And if you are looking for warmer hats, be sure to check out our winter hats, iconic beanies, or our absolute hit – recycled hats!
  • Docker caps

    Colorful cotton docker caps for summer

    We present to you our newest accessory - cotton docker hats have finally arrived at our shops. Docker beanie hats are a summer version of our already well-known burglar beanies! These colorful docker beanies are just as short as the autumn model but made of a much lighter yarn where 100% is certified combed cotton. KABAK summer hats uncover the ears, keep your head safe from overheating, and are 100% vegan! Let yourself get carried away with the moment and try on a stylish docker beanie - the ultimate summer accessory :) 

    Summer docker hats for men and women

    KABAK docker beanie hats come in one universal size, but thanks to the flexibility of a strap with a metal buckle, anyone can adjust the hat to their head. Our colorful summer docker beanies will match anyone, regardless of gender or age. Thanks to their distinctive colors KABAK hats for summer will add a unique character to all your outfits. We strongly recommend handwashing our hats, the usage of the washing machine can lead to distortion and deformation of the delicate yarn. If your docker beanie gets dirty, wipe it with a wet sponge, that way you can be sure that it will stay like newly bought for much longer than just one season!

    You like to experiment with fashion, but this summer you prefer something more traditional? We recommend checking out our new collection of organic cotton baseball caps!

Men's and women's hats from KABAK

Hats are typically practical in colder seasons, where the hat helps to prevent our heads from frost. But! Apart from their practical aspects, there is another important feature - they can be very fashionable. KABAK hats can be an original accessory that brings uniqueness and freshness to your outfit! 

That is why at KABAK, we offer hats in various bold colors. Timeless male and female models are perfect for adding color to the harsh reality of the fall and winter seasons. 

Colorful hats for every season

When designing our colorful hats, we tried our very best to create models that would be universal and also original. KABAK hats are an accessory for women and men, regardless of age. The variety of colors we have on our offer makes them even more suitable for everyone, and without a doubt, you can easily find the right one for yourself. 

They will be most useful in the autumn and winter seasons, but KABAK hats work as year-round accessories too. Our hats will serve you in all different kinds of conditions: during the city walk, in the mountains, by the seaside or forest, and any other place where you will be spending your time enjoying the fresh air. 

KABAK colorful hats are made of the highest quality cotton, which insulates well against low temperatures, provides warmth, and are pleasant and soft to the touch. Our hats have a folded part that isn't permanently sewn. That makes it easy to rearrange. Lengthen or shorten your beanie, so it will fit perfectly on your head.

How to wash KABAK hats?

KABAK hats for men and women can be washed in the washing machine. Make sure water does not exceed the temperature of 30 degrees. Otherwise, cleaning may cause minor pilling and static electricity. We advise all customers to wash their hats by hand. It shouldn't take too long, and it will keep the KABAK products looking new for a long time.