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Pompom beanies

Pompoms for adults? Why not!

Who wouldn't want to feel carefree like a child at times? KABAK Pompom beanies are perfect for introducing some fun into the well-known society dress code. Our hats overcome it with colors, unique patterns, or, like in this case, pompoms for adults. They will make your appearance more colorful and pull some sense of humor and good energy in your direction! 

Pompom hats collection for men and women is universal but slightly more varied in style and colors than other KABAK collections. You can wear these pompom beanies both for street-style looks, casual outfits, and trips outside the city. 

With a couple of colorful hats in your wardrobe, you can easily change the character of your outfits without buying new shoes or jackets every season. Stay sustainable and bring some colors into your wardrobe with environmentally friendly accessories :) KABAK colorful beanies with pompoms are an excellent way to add a bit of craziness and colors to your daily life!

The highest quality pompom hats 

KABAK hats with a pompom are made entirely of cotton. This high-quality knit fabric ensures that the hat will be good protection against low temperatures, rain, or strong wind. These hats are very soft and flexible, so they adapt quickly and easily to the shape of the head. We recommend washing KABAK hats by hand or in a washing machine at a temperature of up to 30 degrees.