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Ankle socks

Comfortable and colorful ankle socks

When it finally gets warmer outside, we are happy to put on more colorful and lighter clothes. We usually choose thinner fabrics and short sleeves and replace the long socks with colorful ankle socks that effectively help us overcome the heat.

Socks for men and women in various designs

The KABAK brand offers many unique ankle socks designs, full of colors and positively crazy models! Make the world more joyful and full of smiles by adding some colors to it!

High-quality wearing comfort

Why do we believe wearing KABAK socks boost your mood? The ankle socks for men and women consist of 80% OEKO-TEX-certified combed cotton. A combination of this high-quality material and additional polyamide reinforcement in the area of the toes and heels guarantees that KABAK socks will serve you for a very long time. The elastane cuff is thin and comfortable. It doesn’t compress your leg, but also it prevents the socks from annoyingly rolling down. Available in two different sizes where the smaller one is suitable for sizes 36-41, and the second, bigger one is for sizes 42-46. 

Thanks to the colorful KABAK socks, everyone can effectively express their character, not allowing themselves to be tamed by the gray reality. If you like our ankle socks collection, you should also check out KABAK sport frotte socks and colorful kids’ socks.