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  • Long socks
  • Ankle socks

    Comfortable and colorful ankle socks

    When it finally gets warmer outside, we are happy to put on more colorful and lighter clothes. We usually choose thinner fabrics and short sleeves and replace the long socks with colorful ankle socks that effectively help us overcome the heat.

    Socks for men and women in various designs

    The KABAK brand offers many unique ankle socks designs, full of colors and positively crazy models! Make the world more joyful and full of smiles by adding some colors to it!

    High-quality wearing comfort

    Why do we believe wearing KABAK socks boost your mood? The ankle socks for men and women consist of 80% OEKO-TEX-certified combed cotton. A combination of this high-quality material and additional polyamide reinforcement in the area of the toes and heels guarantees that KABAK socks will serve you for a very long time. The elastane cuff is thin and comfortable. It doesn’t compress your leg, but also it prevents the socks from annoyingly rolling down. Available in two different sizes where the smaller one is suitable for sizes 36-41, and the second, bigger one is for sizes 42-46. 

    Thanks to the colorful KABAK socks, everyone can effectively express their character, not allowing themselves to be tamed by the gray reality. If you like our ankle socks collection, you should also check out KABAK sport frotte socks and colorful kids’ socks.

  • Classic ribbed socks

    Boring plain white socks? You won’t find these at KABAK. However, if you are a fan of a more classic style in a slightly more modern edition, you will find models in various colors that will surely appeal to your taste in our online store!

    KABAK socks – choose your color!

    KABAK classic socks with stripes are not only comfortable to wear but fit both the feet and their minimalistic owner. An interesting combination of a traditional cut with a variety of expressive colors. Who should get our classic socks? Anyone who appreciates classic and minimalistic design but wants to add more color and character to their outfits. 

    Classic ribbed socks and more

    Thanks to the variety of colors available in the KABAK classic ribbed socks collection, you can use them as a nice accessory to most of your outfits.  More subtle colors are the perfect solution for men who are looking for socks that will match their suit or formal clothing. They blend in perfectly with elegant footwear. Vivid colors, such as red or intense blue, are an ideal solution for young people who like to experiment with colors. Delicate lavender or distinctive turquoise will certainly attract most ladies' eyes. KABAK socks – are a great way to add an original accent to your everyday styling!

  • Classic socks

    Classic models of KABAK socks

    Without a doubt, classics will always stay in the fashion industry. That's why we prepared a classic socks collection in several different models for both women and men, decorated with a delicate pattern or ribbed. You will find something for yourself in this offer for sure!

    Minimalism with a pinch of madness

    We designed classic socks for those who value minimalism daily but want to add more color, originality, and freedom to their styling. The universal patterns of these socks, such as stripes or polka dots,  make them suitable for both women and men. These classic models will match both women's outfits and men's suits. It is a collection for everyone, regardless of gender or age.

    KABAK sockshatsbelts, and other accessories are for those who do not like the usual, common patterns but are always looking for an effective way to express their personality. High-quality classic socks

    High-quality classic socks

    We make KABAK socks of high-quality cotton. Since the natural material does not block air circulation, your feet remain safe from excessive sweating. All classic socks are long, reaching about 1/3 of the calf. Thanks to the addition of elastane in the welt, you can barely feel the socks on your legs while they stay in one place and don't annoyingly slide down. The offer of classic socks includes sizes from 36 to 41 and 42 to 46.

  • Warm winter socks

    Must have winter item

    Winter is not too favorable for our feet, as they are the part of the body that freezes the fastest. Our solution? During the long cold evenings, get under a blanket with a cup of hot tea and warmcolorful socks. KABAK has prepared a collection of thick winter socks in various patterns, suitable for women and men. With at least one pair of our warm socks in your drawer, you will be ready for even the most bitter cold days. 

    Wearing comfort for cold feet

    Warming up frozen feet is not an easy task. That is why we prepared a collection of warm socks for winter with fun and joyful designs. WKABAK winter socks are made of the highest quality combed cotton, which provides a lot of pleasant warmth. The inside part of the socks is pleasantly soft. Thanks to this softness, wearing our winter socks will make you feel as if you were walking on soft, delicate ground.

    The designs and colors of the warm socks bring to mind chilly winter and mountain vibes – a wooden cottage with a fireplace and the snow covering the pine trees outside the window. The sock patterns can also be associated with holidays, and you can use them as a gift idea. KABAK winter socks consist of 80% combed cotton, 15% polyamide, and 5% elastane. You can easily wash them in any washing machine. You only need to follow one rule: the washing temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. Otherwise, the socks may shrink and lose their elasticity. And that would be too bad, wouldn’t it?

  • Sport frotte socks

    KABAK sport frotte socks are a great solution not only for the winter. They will provide your foot with a pleasant, comfortable warmth and an extremely fashionable and individual look. This model of sports socks will perfectly match any footwear and outfit. Our sports socks have original designs in various models, made for those who value originality and want to stand out.

    KABAK sports socks – not only for the winter

    KABAK sports frotte socks are longer than standard models. Decorated with fun retro stripes a bit above the ankle, they'll catch the attention of every vintage style lover. They'll accompany you during sports activities, shorter and longer hikes, or as an accessory to your everyday outfits. These are models for everyone and every occasion! 

    We make KABAK socks with the highest quality materials. The composition consists of 80% combed cotton, 15% polyamide, and 5% elastane. KABAK socks are flexible, comfortable, and durable. Remember to follow the recommended washing instructions to make sure socks serve you for years. You can successfully wash them in the washing machine, at a water temperature that doesn’t exceed 40 degrees.

  • Knee socks

    High-quality cotton knee socks

    If you like KABAK classic socks, you will also love our knee-high socks! They are single-colored with delicate stripes. Simple, elegant, and fashionable at the same time! That is because of their expressive and unique colors. Classic ribbed knee socks from our offer are made of high-quality combed cotton with the addition of polyamide and elastane. They are soft, pleasant to touch, and very comfortable to wear. KABAK knee socks don’t irritate sensitive skin or cause any allergic reactions. The main component material is cotton, thanks to which our knee-high socks are airy and breathable.

    Stylish knee socks for a suit and not only

    Do you think knee socks are only suitable for skirts and dresses? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! Our KABAK knee-high socks are designed for women and men who value classic, elegant looks, and high-wearing comfort. Thanks to the simple ribbed structure, they are perfect as suit socks for formal occasions. With them as an accessory, you can be stylish and extravagant, go crazy with colors, and add some life to your daily or more elegant outfits. 

    Wear KABAK knee socks and show individuality and creativity to the world. Go above and beyond, forget about the rigid patterns and show yourself from the bold side, following modern trends. If you don't like going too crazy with vivid colors, you don't have to worry! There are knee-high socks in more subtle colors as well. That way everyone can find the perfect knee sock for themselves. Remember that the water temperature should be lower than 40 degrees when washing your socks in the washing machine. When taking good care of your accessories, you can be sure they will serve you for years.

  • Glitter socks

    KABAK glitter socks, more than just a shiny accessory 

    The fashion for colorful socks is still in full swing! It seems that the madness in patterns and colors will never end, and the imagination of designers has no limits. We came up with the idea to design original glitter socks, adding a bit spicier-looking collection to our offer. Wearing this model of socks with your daily outfit will immediately make you shine like a diamond. So, jump into KABAK glitter socks and shine like a star! Our shiny socks are available in many colors. In each of them, you will shine and stand out from the crowd! 

    Original model and wearing comfort

    We extra softened the insides of these socks, making them comfortable despite their glittery material, which might seem rough at first sight. Glitter socks will provide you with comfort during everyday wear. The addition of the elastane in the welt makes the socks fit well to your leg without either annoyingly rolling down or compressing it too hard. KABAK shinny socks reach about 1/3 of the calf's length. That’s why, even on colder days, they will keep your ankles warm. 

    You also do not have to worry about the special washing of our socks with glitter. You can put them in the washing machine and wash them at temperatures up to 40 degrees.

    Check out our other colorful socks for kids and the funny long socks!

  • Charity socks

    Welcome to our favourite category - the Charity Socks, probably the most significant and unusual at our KABAK store! See the KABAK collections created as a result of collaborations with the charities and join their missions with us. Not only these socks look good. The money collected from each pair supports the organisations and their goals. Find your favourite socks within the KABAK x Rak'n'Roll or KABAK x Teatr 21 collection.

    You'll find information about the charities and their goals in the products' descriptions.

  • Warm socks
  • Cotton socks
  • Themed socks
  • Kolory skarpetek

At KABAK you will certainly find a variety of original and funny socks for yourself and your loved ones. Since 2013, we've gained some socks-knowledge and experience that let us meet our customer's needs and bring some colors into their wardrobes :) There are many patterns and colors in our offer, so you will easily find socks that will catch your eye! 

KABAK colorful and funny socks

When designing KABAK socks, we always try our best to prepare a wide range of patterns, models, or colors so that everyone can easily find something that will fit their expectations. However, we are primarily guided by the principle that the world of clothing and accessories we design is to be diverse, colorful, and at times even crazy. 

KABAK socks for daily use and special occasions

Our socks have personally designed original motifs, so you can be sure you will not find them in any other store. The variation of our socks makes it easier to find something for any occasion: colorful animals, patterns with your favorite hobby, or Christmas trees. We want to develop all the time, so we enrich the assortment with new, remarkable, and original products. We are sure that they will also suit you and your style, no matter your age or gender. 

Products friendly to people and the environment

Did you know that our socks contain at least 80% cotton? They are made of high-quality yarn covered by the OEKO-TEX certificate. What does this mean in practice for you? Among other things, our products will not contain any substances or dyes harmful to the environment. Sounds great, right? We also make every effort to ensure that KABAK socks are comfortable for you. So that the foot does not sweat while wearing them, but also that you feel pleasant and warm. The heels and toes part of the socks are specially reinforced with polyamide, so you can be sure they will serve you for a long time. You can find our socks in two different sizes. The smaller one corresponds to sizes 36-41, while the second, larger one is suitable for sizes 42-46.

It is worth knowing that, in our store, you will find not only funny socks but also hats, home accessories, cotton scarves, and even soy candles.